United Kingdom (UK)

Visit Visa Requirements

The Documents you need to apply for the Visit visa


  1. Two photographs
  2. Your Valid Passport
  3. Proof of accommodation
  4. Detailed travel itinerary.
  5. TB Test result
  6. UK cover letter

Additional Documents

  1. proof of your income and where you work
  2. recent bank statements
  3. a copy of your passport or visa
  4. A letter from your employer (If you are employed)
  5. Business registration documents (If you are self-employed)
  6. A letter from your education provider (If you are a student)

Eligibility Criteria

  1. you’ll leave the UK at the end of your visit
  2. you’re able to support yourself
  3. you’re able to pay for your return
  4. you’ll not live in the UK for extended periods

Types of visit visa

  1. Visit on business
  2. Visit to study
  3. Visit as an academic
  4. Visit for medical reasons

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